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Catching Exceptions Episode 18 : Mark Servais

January 25, 2016

Watch Catching Exceptions episode 18 with Mark Servais, Director of Software Research and Development at XCentium. Find out what shiny thing is fascinating him these days. 

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Catching Exceptions Episode 17 : Martin Davies

January 12, 2016

Watch Catching Exceptions episode 17 with Martin Davies, a Technical Consultant at Kagool. Find out how mere mortals can find their way into tech careers. 

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Catching Exceptions Episode 16 : Dan Solovay

December 21, 2015

Watch Catching Exceptions episode 16 with Dan Solovay, Lead Architect at XCentium. Find out how he programmed his way from stalemate to checkmate.

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Catching Exceptions Episode 15 : Corey Caplette

December 07, 2015

Watch Catching Exceptions episode 15 with Corey Caplette, CTO and early adopter at Velir. Find out how calculated his career decision was.

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Catching Exceptions Episode 14 : Akshay Sura

November 23, 2015

Watch Catching Exceptions episode 14 with Akshay Sura. Organizer of the Sitecore hackathon and one of the leads behind SUGCON North America. Find out who helped him break into the industry.

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Sign up: http://sitecorehackathon.org/

Catching Exceptions SUGCON North America 2015

October 12, 2015

I put together a special episode of Catching Exceptions for SUGCON North America 2015 to try to capture some small part of what it was all about. It was a wild ride with a lot of great speakers (I may have been one of 'em) but i wanted to be able to let everyone else who couldn't make it see what was going on, what you missed and to encourage you NOT TO MISS IT EVAR AGAIN! 

I may have also contributed to the introduction video of the SUGCON speakers. It was a ton of work but I had so much talent to work with. LONG LIVE THE SITECORE COMMUNITY! 

Big respect to Hedgehog Development, BrainJocks, Akshay Sura and of course Mike Reynolds.

Catching Exceptions Episode 10 : Mike Reynolds

September 28, 2015

Just in time for SUGCON North America is the tenth episode of Catching Exceptions featuring Mike Reynolds. Find out where he got his l33t h@x0r skills.

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