This is the personal website and blog for Mark Stiles. I'm a software engineer / web developer. You can see my full profile and activity on Linked In

Video Production

I spent a number of years developing different video series. Most were interview with developers or others in the software industry. Some was just walkthroughs and documentation of my own development. Here's a list:

Sitecore MVP

I'm a standing MVP for Sitecore from 2013-2022 among many other talented individuals. It is something I've worked incredibly hard for.

Sitecore MVP logo

Sitecore Shared Source

Over the course of several different Sitecore projects I ended up developing some tools that speed up development or just help in managing a site. I've open sourced the code I developed to contribute to the community so that other developers can benefit. Here's a list of my shared source projects and Sitecore Modules:



Formerly, I was given a project for KarmaloopTV. They were heavily using Brightcove as a video platform and I ended up developing an open source SDK named, after my wife, Sukiyoshi

This project was later adopted by Sitecore and formed the basis for the Media Framework.

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