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Site Specific Insert Option Rules For Sitecore

January 18, 2013

I recently had the need to add a new template type for a single site on my multi-site system and wanted to be able to provide insert options for this template on content folders only in this site. The content folders are a global template and are shared across multiple sites so adding this new template type to the insert options of the content folder was not a viable option.

Include File References Patch Issue

January 18, 2013

*Update 2

I also found that there was an issue with the <using> statements as well that required an attribute to be added. When I opened the Configure-Assign (Insert Options) or tried to add from template, I would get the following exception:

The type or namespace name 'EventArgs' could not be found.

Once I added an arbitrary attribute to the <using> tag it was fine.

*Update 1

So Sitecore Support got back to me pretty quickly and told me that if I just add an attribute that makes the reference unique that's how to solve the issue. Here's the relevant code: