Field Suite Images Field

September 04, 2013

I've been using the FieldSuite, which was built by Sitecore MVP, superhero and all around good guy, Tim Braga, for about 8 months now and have come to really like a lot of its featues but there was one field that I hadn't used: The "Field Suite Images Field". When I thought I'd finally look into it, the documentation had a few details about customizing the control but not about using the field which gave me the opportunity to do a quick write-up. So first I tinkered with it until I figured out how to get it working and then figured it would be a good idea to write up a quick post about it.

The basic premise is an extension of the built-in Sitecore image field which allows you to select a single image. With this Field Suite Images Field you can select multiple images, albeit,  one at a time.

First you'll want to have a media library folder with some images in it. I've also created a nested folder to show that it support it.

media library structure

When you add the field to a template, you'll want to set the field source to a media library folder where you'll want it to pull images from.

field definition

Once you've setup the template, next you'll create an item in the content tree and you'll see that the Images Field has a row of buttons to help manage the value.

field empty

If you click on the "Link Item" button this allows you to use a drop tree field to select an image.

field select item

After you select an image you click save and you'll return to the field value with the image set.

field save

field single selected

If you continue to "Link" more images you'll see them appear in a horizontal list with their publish status (another Field Suite feature) below.

field multiple selected

From here you can select any individual item in the field and edit, go to the item, remove the item or reorder the item in the list.

field image select

When it comes time to access the field value, it's stored as a pipe delimited list of Sitecore ID's so it should be fairly easy to work with.

field raw value