Sitecore Caching Manager Updated

February 28, 2013

I've recently updated the Caching Manager module on the Sitecore Marketplace. The improvements were focused on the UI which I've made to mimic the native design of the content editor. It's a lot more compressed and easy to use. The different cache regions are broken into separate tabs and parts of the form are broken into sections. You can collapse the sections by double clicking on the title bar like you can in the content editor. There's use of Sitecore's icons and the buttons are better defined and the font size is smaller so that more fits on a screen.

There was also an update by Mark Ursino who merged all the functionality into one page for an even simpler deployment.

Overall I feel that this provides a much more understandable layout. I'm not sure how everyone else is using it but if you like the earlier version you will definitely like the update.

Also to note the project source has moved since the shuttering of the Trac site and it now lives on GitHub.

Here's some screenshots of the new layout:

Search Cache

Site Cache

Database Cache

Access Result Cache

Miscellaneous Cache