Sitecore Brightcove Connector

October 23, 2012

brightcove connectorI'm extremely excited about the number of people who are in attendance for the Brightcove Sitecore connector. This was as you may or may not know a labor of love for me since it's built off of my open source library Sukiyoshi on Google Code

Agency Oasis did add a number of features into the original connector such as automated system syncs, video sublayouts, patch configuration file, the analytical tracking for player events, tighter process queue control, the lucene search fields and the use of snippets instead of web controls.

This is of course a free module built on free open source software and that's really the best part about this which is how the developer community taking these tools and making them increasingly more powerful over time. 

when asked, the audience didn't have more than a handful of user so far, but given the amount of questions, from the audience, there appears to be a lot of interest in the connector. Hopefully the engagement will turn into users and that will in turn drive development of interesting new features.

If you're looking to take it for a test drive you can download the module here. It does have support for Sitecore 6.4 and 6.5. You also have access to the connector cheatsheet to get you started quickly.