Supercar Life
Launch Site

Supercar Life is a company that owns several "supercars" and rents out professional grade tracks that anyone can sign up and be taught to race on. The new site was designed by Fort Franklin and the original site came to me as a PHP site when we took over hosting. I was responsible for getting it up and running. I cracked it open and found the admin console and got the login from the database. It was custom built and well designed but it was limiting, which is why we were tasked with building it out in Sitecore. There are several flash banner which required xml content support and also played a nice intro video. There's also lots of downloadable content which needed to be managed through the cms. The most complicated part of the development was the e-commerce integration for the registration form to signup and race. The form had to grow so that someone signing up could add an additional four people to the registration. I used ajax to add or remove form fields when the registrant clicked on the add / remove buttons. This was a difficult build because I was given 10 days to get it all up and going for an alpha release.

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