Plaid Site

This was yet another iteration of my own profile site. I designed it myself opting for a more artistic feel. I always liked Burberry plaid patterns so I decided to work on developing a plaid pattern and wanted to make use of more transparencies in my design. It didn't last very long due to design flaws that seriously limited the amount of content I could have on a single page but I liked the colors. It gave me a palette to work with while I was still trying to determine what content I wanted to display on the site.

This was also the first site I built on the Sitecore Express core. I found out that Sitecore had a developer version to user for personal use such as "W.O.W. fansites", as the article stated. I didn't play World of Warcraft but I did want to use it for my own site. I really like the Sitecore experience. There's a lot of power under the hood and it saves a ton of time developing data models with it's data templating engine. I ended up building the site really quickly but it stagnated for a while before I replaced it with a more professional design.

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