Progressives Holeshot Heaven
Launch Site

Tags: CMS, Ektron, Flash, DotNET
Holeshot Heaven was a community site envisioned by Arnold Worldwide for Progressive Auto Insurance. A holeshot is a name given to the first motorcross racer to pass the first turn. The site would highlight the winners for each race because as the slogan went "He who wins the holeshot controls the race." I was tasked with integrating Ektron CMS with a flash interface. I again designed a system that provides the front end with XML for videos content and photos. I was also tasked with setting up Bruhn's Blog. Bruhn being a roadie with a gift for photos. He gave a depth to the site by providing up to date information for each show on the Motorcross tour. I used Subtext for the blog and integrated a design provided by the Arnold creative team.
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