Launch Site

Capstone Group Photo, jared, mark, victor, bassem, ulku, josh, justinCell-Safe is a 2nd-generation website of my senior year Capstone project from Northeastern. Originally named E-Phonebook, Cell-Safe was a website that was accessible by mobile phones. Numbers could be uploaded from your phone through webforms and downloaded from an anchor tag to your phonebook through a mobile url protocol. We also developed a WAP version of the site and when I redesigned the site as Cell-Safe I added a mobile version of the design. It was a great learning experience and I got to work with some great people.

The original Team was [from left to right] Jared Pellegrini, myself-Mark Stiles, Victor Morency, Bassem Azzi, Ulku Osmanbey, Joshua Frenzel and Justin Mobijohn.


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