Camber Heights
Launch Site

Tags: PHP, BlueHornet

Camber Heights was another web property owned by SkiBurke that provided targeted marketing for their real estate business. This was really more of a micro-site in that it was really just a single page that loaded slightly different copy depending on which vanity URL brought you to the site. The setup involved some URL rewriting with .htaccess files and was built on PHP all of which I've done previously.

The challenge here was in the form that captured consumer information interested in finding out more about their real estate. This involved integrating with Blue Hornet. Blue Hornet is just a customer email management very similar to Constant Contact. It took some setting up to get the Camber Heights site approved for access to submit to Blue Hornet and building the request from the preened form data but all-in-all it was fairly straight forward API.

The form validation was handled by implementing the jquery validate plug-in. It's really quite an elegant tool. Having built many javascript validation implementations in years past, it was refreshing to find something so easy to get working. I did have to customize the event chain a bit to meet my needs but the architecture provided the ability to fire validation on request so hats off to the developer for forward thinking. It was a relatively quick build but I still learned something new so I was happy with the experience.

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