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When I was still in college studying Computer Engineering, teaching myself the basics of web development, I was approached by a friend who wanted a website designed and built to promote his emerging music production company; Sencit. I met with him a few time and figured out what exactly it was he wanted and began by designing the site using some artwork from a really talented artist we both knew.

One of the requirements was to have a loading animation which would then lead to the main section of the site and start playing a sample song. I started the build using flash for the animation and to support embedded audio. The rest was just a simple HTML structure with a few other page links. There were two versions of the site to accomodate different load speeds: one which used the animation and one which was flat html so that it loaded quickly. These were the days when downloading a small flash file could seriously impact load time. My target browsers were IE (of course) and Netscape Navigator.

This was also really my first exposure to working with web hosting. It turned out not to be too difficult but it was a memorable experience. It was afterall, my very first client.

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