Velir Field Suite Module

October 24, 2012

I'm catching the talk on the field suite module presented by Tim Braga from Velir. I'm all about anything that improves the default set of fields provided out of the box from Sitecore. He was Also good enough to post the field suite module to the shared source modules.      

The first field he chose to deal with the multilist field. It becomes immediately obvious that there are some shortcomings in its usability. The list of selected items don't offer much in the way of context for where those items may be located in the content tree, whether or not they're published or, god forbid, the difference between multiple items that are named the same. The improvements made by the field suite is like offering a cold glass of water to a man stranded in a desert. There's an additional subnavigation bar with select all/deselect all buttons. There's also buttons that allow you to edit or directly browse to the item selected in the list. The plain text items are replaced with template icons, a gutter that indicates the publish status, which through a few additional clicks also allows you to publish, and the content path available on hover. The buttons that control which items are selected are also replaced by a much more user friendly plus/minus buttons next to each item allowing a quick easy way to shift items from either column.    

The other fields that've been augmented are the ImageField, the DropLink, the DropTree, the TreeList and TreeListEx. Basically all the newer, more complex fields that you'll find yourself using a lot. Each field has its own treatment but you get the basic gist that this isn't just lipstick; there's a lot of added value.      

After seeing what has been built, I'm left with the feeling that things are going to much better in terms of usability. I'm already sold on this tool. I will definitely be installing this the minute I get back to my desk and I'd recommend anyone else do the same if you've been left wanting more from your multilist. You can find it over on the Sitecore Marketplace.