Sitecore Keynote

October 23, 2012

sitecore symposium kickoffImmediate: Relevant: Predictive. That's where Sitecore is taking us this year. The demo of the well known Nikam fake product website was telling of how they're looking towards a more integrated toolset. Sitecore isn't selling their product as a standalone utility, but more of a tool that helps you integrate your increasingly growing end points to help you draw a more complete image of your entity. 

Right off the bat the demo shows how Sitecore is helping "Nikam" engage the generic user by tying together their browsing, email and Facebook experience quickly and seamlessly. Of course as a developer I know there's a lot of work behind the scenes to make this magic work through DMS and the rules engine, but its great to see that Sitecore does have a vision for themselves in the future where a typical user is expecting more from a CMS than just content editing. 

Another area of Sitecore's core technology where they've greatly improved their usability is with the Page Editor. I personally have only had time to work with basic page editing, but they've crammed a lot of power into those pretty little pop ups and tricky transitions that make me want to learn it. Clearly their internal development team has been busy. 

Before I was about to post this article I was stopped by Sitecore's data visualization Path Analyzer tool. From a marketer's perspective this looks to be a go-to app. Who doesn't love being absorbed by data rich network graphs. I can see lots of people being excited by having a more focused approach to marketing which at times can seem like sharp shooting blind folded. So far I'm already seeing Sitecore bringing the heat. This should prove to be an exciting week. Well, for those of us who geek out over graphs and charts.